UKAEA Kult Ritual Golden Cabinet Poster 20/25

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UKAEA Kult Ritual Golden Cabinet Poster 20/25

Monoprint / linocut print for Golden Cabinet

490 x 690mm

Each print is entirely different as each one is inked by hand, the monoprint 'void' at the top was created by scratching paint brushes and rubbing rags into a flat surface covered in ink, reducer and white spirit (that's the splatters).

The type at the bottom was hand-cut out of lino floor tiles. I lost the feeling in my index finger for a week after cutting it.

No re-prints!

An edition of 25 signed and numbered copies of which this is 20/25.

All orders will be posted on Monday 9th December so will arrive in plenty of time for Xmas if you are in the UK. But please allow up to 10 working days for delivery (UK).

Overseas orders last dates for posting begin on the 9th and end 18th December. So should be OK, but don't quote me on that! Consult this handy thing here: UK Post Office Last Dates