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One Day Letterpress Workshop Winter 2020

£135.00 / Sold Out

If you’ve ever wanted to indulge yourself and dive in to the wild and crazy world of letterpress printing but were TOO AFRAID to do so or didn’t know where to ask…then look no further…

This one day workshop is a one-to-one session with The Print Project's head honcho - Nick, a printer and designer with over 18 years experience of putting ink on paper using a wide range of antiquated machinery. In that time Nick has taught hundreds of people about letterpress printing and what it can do for peoples creativity and...confidence...!

Nick has delivered workshops at Newcastle College, Colours May Vary, Secret Cinema, London Centre for Book Arts, Glastonbury Festival, Leeds Arts University, Bradford College, Leeds City College, Leeds Print Festival and has been delivering the letterpress workshops at West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield for the last 7 years.

This workshop is your day — it’s your chance to get your hands dirty with a time honoured process that offers a whole host of creative possibilities.

It's structured to suit your needs, so you may have been given an Adana and you want to understand how it works, or you may want to find out more about metal typesetting, or polymer plate printing, laser cutting / engraving wood type or wether you should by a 15 ton printing press as your first press…

But you might also want to come and make a poster for your Aunt Gladys, a loved one or your dog, some business cards for your Elvis tribute act, or print a lino-cut you made 10 years ago (or yesterday lunchtime!). Or you might just want to make a massive mess with a load of type and ink…if so....this course has got you covered (literally).

If you and a friend (or a group of friends up to 4) would like to come for the day - select the option in the drop down menu.

Letterpress is a really fun and creative process - completely hands on - it can appeal to anyone with an interest in words or images and there will definately be smiles and gasps of joy when you pull your first print. It never ceases to amaze…

Each course will cover the basics of letterpress printing and how to print safely and efficiently and by the end of the day you will go home inspired, full of ideas and clutching a stack of prints.

We have a vast range of equipment available to you that is unique in West Yorkshire - from the humble Adana to the Heidelberg Platen, to a number of flat bed proofing presses (Vandercook, Korrex, Farley, Stephenson Blake), which are complimented with over 100 cases of wood & metal type, drying racks, a laser cutter, type saw, hot-metal typecasting, one roll of masking tape and a ruler with a chunk out of it. You can print small or print big - the choice is yours.

One-to-one courses run from January 20th to April 30th 2020, Tuesday-Thursday from 10am-5.30pm at The Print Project in Shipley. If these dates don't suit you, get in touch.

Once you've purchased your voucher, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date. If you are buying the workshop as a surprise for someone, it's totally OK to make your purchase and arrange a date later.

The voucher is valid until April 30th 2020, after which refunds are non refundable.

Refreshments provided, but please bring your own lunch.

Parking is free and access is level.

Any questions about any aspect of this one day course - please email on info@theprintproject.co.uk

We look forward to meeting you.