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A set of 12pt Ludlow rules were manipulated on press to create a series of moire patterns. These were then stretched on a scanner, vectorised in Illustrator and finally laser cut from MDF to create a printing block. This block was then printed three times. Each block is affected by the other, creating three planes that appear to levitate. It has nothing to do with the band Levitation or the LP of the same name by Hawkwind (although Levitation is one of Hawkwind's finest...).

The type is 24pt Tempo Bold Extended
500 x 700mm
170gsm Munken Lynx
Edition of 15 signed & numbered copies
Frame & wall not included

All orders will be posted on Monday 9th December so will arrive in plenty of time for Xmas if you are in the UK. But please allow up to 10 working days for delivery (UK).

Overseas orders last dates for posting begin on the 9th and end 18th December. So should be OK, but don't quote me on that! Consult this handy thing here: UK Post Office Last Dates