JK Flesh Golden Cabinet poster re-print 2020

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JK Flesh Golden Cabinet poster re-print 2020

Back in 2017 I made this poster for Golden Cabinet and whilst some of the 30 posters were re-printed for ‘The Posters of Golden Cabinet’ exhibition in 2019, this one wasn't. I suspect my lack of enthusiasm for such a job was due to the warping of the original laser blocks and the melting down of the Ludlow slugs.

However when I was asked to contribute an article to Matrix 36 so arose the thorny issue of what poster should go with it...

So the type has been re-set, cast and printed and the block has been newly hand-cut in lino, producing an edition of 24 copies on Fedrigoni Materica paper that were printed here in Shipley on my SP20. The blocks and type have since been sent off to Whittington for a run of some 900+ copies on the Heidelberg Cylinder (which is a bit nuts...).

365 x 700mm
Fedrigoni Materica 120gsm
Signed & numbered edition of 24 copies
Set in 72pt Record Gothic Bold Extended & 18pt Gothic Bold Condensed

5 are available.