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Ante 2019 Poster


Poster for ANTE which takes place on 4-5th May at The Kirkgate Centre in Shipley.
Lots of things happening at it - an exhibition, films, workshops, food, discussions, printing (letterpress, solar, stencil), zine making etc - all the good stuff basically.

There's also a gig with Howlround, Errant Monks, John Hannon & Deyar Yasin, Kevin Sanders and an all night live improv / film extravaganza from the Bradford Scratch Orchestra that goes on until sunrise.

After this there's a sunrise walk to Northcliffe Park/Woods, where the Commoners Choir will do cover versions of Napalm Death's 'Scum', Black Flag's 'My War', Slayer's 'Reign in Blood' and Rudimentary Peni's 'Death Church'.

Letterpress printed from laser cut / engraved MDF in 3 colours
500 x 700mm

By buying one of these posters you directly support the event and you also pay me a pittance for the printing.

Poster will be sent in a stiff cardboard tube.

Poster will ship in the last week of April 2019.

They will also be on sale during the event.

Thanks for the support.